Cars with bad safety ratings are dangerous to drive.

Top 20 Most Dangerous New Cars You Can Buy in 2015

Many new car shoppers have “Safety” at the top of the list during the selection process of buying a new car. Most consumers in general, demand automakers continue to keep them safe by meeting the highest safety standards and continue to make safer vehicles.

Even with all the high end technology put into today’s vehicles, there’s still many mainstream 2015 model new cars being sold that pose a severe risk to drivers and their passengers. These vehicles scored poorly on various controlled crash tests and could fail to protect the occupants of the vehicle if they end up in the wrong kind of accident.

The International Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) conducts crash tests to determine how well a vehicle will protect its occupants if involved in a collision. You can read more about how the IIHS rates a vehicle during a collision and how they perform controlled crash tests here.

If you’ve found a new car you’re interested in (2011 and later), you can look up how it did by doing a quick search on to see if it meets the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administrations (NHTSA) 5-Star Safety Rating. Keep in mind, You should only compare overall vehicle test results and frontal crash ratings to other vehicles similar in weight and size.

Just because a vehicle receives a less then perfect score doesn’t keep it from being mass produced and sold to the public. It is the consumer’s responsibility to research crash test ratings and ultimate choice if they still want to buy the car.

If you’re shopping for a new car, familiarize yourself with the vehicle’s window sticker. All new cars, by law, are suppose to have one. The sticker on all 2012 model and later new cars have a section with a five star ratings system for you to inspect. This will tell you how the vehicle performed during crash tests performed by the IIHS, one star is poor and five stars is the best.

5-Star Safety Rating Window Sticker Example

Dangerous new cars safety ratings.
Just because a vehicle receives a less then perfect score doesn’t keep it from being mass produced and sold to the public. It is the consumer’s overall responsibility to research crash test ratings and the individual’s choice if they still want to buy the car.

Competition Between Dealers Always Gets You the Best Price

When negotiating a new car’s price, it’s important to know the dealer invoice price and what other people are paying for the same vehicle in your local area. Otherwise, you won’t know what’s a good price to pay for the vehicle. I highly recommend using an online referral service such as Ryde Shopper and Motor Trend, their quotes will automatically include any discounts or cash-back incentives currently available.

In addition, the above sites will tell you which dealerships in your local area are currently the most flexible with their new car pricing. These sites provide valuable information for anyone thinking about buying or leasing a new car or truck.

Check out the list below for the top twenty most dangerous new cars on the road in 2015.

Top 20 Most Dangerous New Cars You Can Buy in 2015

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New Car Make, ModelMSRP2015 Sales YTDPoor Rating
Kia Sportage$21,90029,247Small Overlap Front
Chrysler Town & Country$29,99545,404Small Overlap Front
Hyundai Tucson$21,65026,542Small Overlap Front
Nissan Versa$11,99076,904Small Overlap Front
Jeep 2-Door Wrangler$26,795 – 4 Door $22,995 – 2 Door121,770Side, Head Restraints and Seats – (4 Door) | Small Overlap Front, Side, Head Restraints & Seats – (2 Door)
Ford Escape$22,960175,669Small Overlap Front
Dodge Grand Caravan$21,79544,442Small Overlap Front
Dodge Journey$20,69559,563Small Overlap Front
Nissan Juke$20,25015,994Small Overlap Front
Nissan Leaf$21,51010,990Small Overlap Front
Mitsubishi Mirage$12,99515,054Small Overlap Front
Lincoln MKS$38,8504,373Small Overlap Front
Jeep Patriot$16,89569,128Small Overlap Front
Honda Pilot$29,87078,540Small Overlap Front
Nissan Quest$26,5306,295Small Overlap Front
Mazda Mazda5$21,2406,835Small Overlap Front, Side
Fiat 500$19,345 – 4 Door $16,835 – 2 Door17,349Small Overlap Front (2 Door and 4 Door)
Audi A4$36,50015,765Small Overlap Front
Hyundai Accent$14,74540,252Small Overlap Front
Mazda CX-9$29,98510,848Small Overlap Front, Head Restraints and Seats, Roof Strength