Young couple buying a new car.

Top 10 Cars You Should Consider Buying New Instead of Used

One of the most common questions asked is, “should I buy a new or used car?” Some people will only buy a used vehicle because they believe if they let someone else take the initial depreciation hit, they’ll save money in the long run.

On the other hand, some people will only buy a new car because they want the security of knowing the vehicle hasn’t been beaten up or abused. To these car buyers, this peace-of-mind is well worth the money being spent.

Both arguments have valid excuses. But if you take both views into account, which one will give you the best value for your money? With used car prices higher than ever right now, to get the best deal, there are a few cars out there you may want to consider buying new instead of used.

Our friends over at took a look at each vehicle segment and picked out the best vehicle that makes more sense to buy brand new instead of buying a 2014 or 2015 used model.

We all know anything stamped with Toyota’s brand name holds its value very well and the 2015 Toyota Tacoma is no exception. Also the current number one best-selling midsize truck, the Tacoma enters the market with a base price of $21,805. You won’t get very many bells and whistles at that price, but it’s a great deal compared to how long you’ll be able to drive it before the wheels fall off. The lower price range of a used 2014 Tacoma starts at around $18,888. You might as well spend a couple thousand more, buy the new one, and know the truck hasn’t been rode hard and put away wet.

The 2015 Subaru Impreza continues to improve and impress year-over-year. The Impreza is loaded with the latest upgrades, interior and exterior styling’s, and a new high tech infotainment system. All this with an improved fuel economy over the 2014 model year. The 2015 Impreza comes in a sedan for the young married couple or a wagon body style for the growing family. Subaru vehicles are holding their values extremely well. As you can see by the chart below a one year old used Impreza is going to cost you about the same as opting to buy a new one.

Check out the list below for the other vehicles you should consider buying new over used.

10 Cars You Should Consider Buying New Instead of Used

Vehicle 2015 New Price Range 2015 Used Price Range 2014 Used Price Range
Crossover: Honda CR-V $24,325 – $33,775 $28,700 – $31,995 $20,780 – $26,499
Midsize: Chevrolet Impala $27,670 – $41,485 $23,000 – $27,988 $15,990 – $19,600
Luxury SUV: Land Rover Range Rover $84,490 – $187,490 $99,998 – $157,911 $83,990 – $198,990
Compact Sedan: Toyota Corolla $17,775 – $23,780 $15,998 – $22,000 $13,398 – $15,977
Truck: Toyota Tacoma $21,850 – $37,520 $22,500 – $32,875 $18,888 – 28,988
Midsize Sedan: Toyota Camry $23,795 – $32,195 $22,890 – $29,000 $13,590 – $17,500
Compact Sedan: Nissan Sentra $17,305 – $21,495 $15,188 – $25,575 $15,990 – $21,991
Luxury Sedan: Audi A4 $36,425 – $37,325 $30,888 – $40,130 $29,411 – $44,670
Coupe: Ford Mustang $17,775 – $23,780 $15,988 – $22,000 $13,398 – $15,977
Sedan/Wagon: Subaru Impreza $18,990 – $ 34,090 $20,991 – $32,875 $18,888 – $31,475


Competition Between Dealers Always Gets You the Best Price

When negotiating a new car’s price, it’s important to know the dealer invoice price and what other people are paying for the same vehicle in your local area. Otherwise, you won’t know what’s a good price to pay for the vehicle. I highly recommend using an online referral service such as Ryde Shopper and Motor Trend, their quotes will automatically include any discounts or cash-back incentives currently available.

In addition, the above sites will tell you which dealerships in your local area are currently the most flexible with their new car pricing. These sites provide valuable information for anyone thinking about buying or leasing a new car or truck.