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Top 20 Best Selling New Cars By Model for July 2015

Once again, the Toyota Camry is America’s number one best-selling new car for July 2015. Toyota fell 3.6 percent short of July 2014’s number of 39,888 units, with only 38,435 Camry’s sold last month.

Toyota Camry’s year-to-date (YTD) sales slipped in July with a 2015 total of 254,251 sales compared to 262,428 sales in 2014, a 3.1 percent decline.

Honda is making a big push with the 2015 Accord to dethrone the long time leader closing the gap by only about 4000 units. Despite a 1.6 percent drop in sales from same month last year, Honda sold 7000 Accords more than they did in June 2015.

The 2015 Nissan Altima, number three on the list, showed an improvement of 27 percent with 33,842 Altimas sold compared to 26,654 in July 2014. Altima’s 2015 YTD is also looking strong with 205,873 units vs. 203.107 in 2014.

Only nine of the twenty best selling new cars showed positive year-over-year gains for the month of July. The top three vehicles with the best gains where the Chrysler 200 with a 85.2 percent, the Subaru Impreza with 38.9%, and the Nissan Altima at 27 percent.

Nissan’s Versa took a huge dip in sales last month compared to same month last year. Americans only bought 9,949 units in July compared to 15,630 vehicles in July 2014, a 36.3 percent decrease. The 2015 year-to-date number for the Versa is 76,240, well under the 83,570 (-8.0 percent) from last years.

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Best Selling New Cars By Model for July 2015

RankBest Selling VehicleJuly 2015July 2014% ChangeYTD 2015YTD 2014% Change
1Toyota Camry38,43539,888-3.6%254,251262,428-3.1%
2Honda Accord34,49635,073-1.6%190,242220,351-13.7%
3Nissan Altima33,84226,65427.0%205,873203,1071.4%
4Honda Civic31,13930,0383.7%189,440197,135-3.9%
5Toyota Corolla30,24930,833-1.9%220,380205,1877.4%
6Ford Fusion25,10523,9424.9%178,263189,440-5.9%
7Hyundai Sonata23,91722,5775.9%119,738128,924-7.1%
8Hyundai Elantra22,13522,213-0.4%150,833134,71012.0%
9Chevrolet Cruze21,33920,9262.0%149,277166,264-10.2%
10Nissan Sentra18,51117,5795.3%124,412111,47711.6%
11Ford Focus17,02717,724-3.9%134,106138,680-3.3%
12Chevrolet Malibu16,02213,53718.4%112,542117,042-3.8%
13Chrysler 20015,1088,15985.2%121,67753,337128%
14Kia Soul13,97514,709-5.0%81,96189,708-8.6%
15Kia Optima12,63813,588-7.0%92,60496,401-3.9%
16Toyota Prius11,78714,237-17.2%68,85086,574-20.5%
17Volkswagen Jetta11,56213,142-12.0%78,58089,449-12.2%
18Subaru Outback10,86311,768-7.7%82,18074,52310.3%
19Subaru Impreza10,2437,37338.9%56,58451,7079.4%
20Nissan Versa9,94915,630-36.3%76,90483,570-8.0%

Source: Automakers

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