Ford F150 pickups on a car dealership's lot.

Top 10 Most Popular Full Size Pickup Trucks Sold in July

General Motors twin trucks, the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra, toppled Ford’s F-Series full size truck line in sales for the month of July. American’s purchased just shy of 10,000 more General Motors products, increasing its share of the truck market by 12 percent, owning a total of the 85.9 percent of the pickup truck category.

Pickup truck sales grew in the United States by 31,000 sales last month for a total of 221,228, increasing 16 percent year over year. July makes the fourth month this year over 200,000 pickup trucks have been registered in a single month.

The F-Series pickup is still the most popular truck in America with 66,288 sold in July 2015, an increase of 4.8 percent from July 2014. Ford is still holding strong with a year-to-date (YTD) sold number of 423,468 even though it’s -1.3 percent below 2014’s number of 429,065.

The number two Chevrolet Silverado is still nipping at the F-Series heels. Chevy sold 56,380 Silverado’s last month, an increase over July 2014’s number of 42,097 (33.9 percent). They’re year-to-date number has also grown 17.5 percent from 282,776 in 2014, to 332,202 in 2015. For the first seven months of 2015, the combined numbers of the Silverado and Sierra, both models by General Motors, have outsold Ford by 29,392 units.

The Ram P/U truck holding steady in third place showed a slight increase with 36,019 truck sales in July. An increase of 1.1 percent over last year, same months number of 35,621. Ram is also leading last year’s YTD sales number of 239,481 with 248,735 in 2015 (3.9 percent increase).

More Americans opted to buy smaller pickups in July. This category claimed 14.1% of the total pickup market share. There was a 53% rise in the small and midsize truck models for a total of 31,096 sold. The main standout in the crowd was the Toyota Tacoma, number five on the list, with a 28.6 percent increase with just over 17,000 trucks sold. Americans bought over 7,100 more Tacoma’s than the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon combined.

Honorable mention to the Honda Ridgeline. It came in at number eleven on the list. There were only six sold last month, well under the 509 sold in July 2014 ( -99.6 percent decrease). This gives the Ridgeline a YTD sold number of 509 units, a -94.5 percent decrease from its 9246 YTD sales number in 2014.

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Check out were your favorite truck line fell on the list below.

Top 10 Most Popular Trucks Sold in July 2015

Rank Vehicle July 2015 July 2014 % Change 2015 YTD 2014 YTD % Change
1 Ford F-Series 66,288 63,240 4.8% 423,468 429,065 -1.3%
2 Chevrolet Silverado 56,380 42,097 33.9% 332,202 282,776 17.5%
3 Ram P/U 36,019 35,621 1.1% 248,735 239,481 3.9%
4 GMC Sierra 19,808 17,488 13.3% 120,658 110,679 9.0%
5 Toyota Tacoma 17,033 13,249 28.6% 105,834 88,398 19.7%
6 Toyota Tundra 10,511 10,312 1.9% 71,525 68,299 5.2%
7 Chevrolet Colorado 7209 —- —- 17,671 73 66,727%
8 Nissan Frontier 4194 5797 -27.7% 38,999 41,740 -6.6%
9 GMC Canyon 2654 —- —- 17,671 5 353,320%
10 Nissan Titan 1126 1072 5.0% 7175 7488 -4.2%

Source: Automakers

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