New cars sitting on a dealerships lot.

Best New Car Customer Cash Back Deals for July 2015

July is turning out to be another hot month for new car shoppers considering the purchase of a new vehicle. Manufacturers are offering cash back rebates and incentives as high as 20.6% percent off the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).

These offers are spread out over several manufacturers and a large variety of vehicle segments. You’re almost guaranteed to find a vehicle that fits within your budget and meets your driving needs.

New car cash back offers can change without notice depending on the market of any given vehicle. Every month our friends over at CarsDirect sorts through their vast amounts of data to create their top five new cars in each class with the largest cash back rebates and incentives. I’ve listed the vehicles below in order of the maximum rebates available. This is the total of available rebates on a particular model, there is a chance you may not qualify for all of them.

Four door sedans will give you the greatest savings off of MSRP for the month of July. The 2015 Ford Taurus SE is at the top of the list again this month with a standard $3,000 rebate and maximum rebates of $5,750 (20.6 percent off MSRP). Chrysler and Hyundai both offer maximum rebates of up to $5000 on their 2015 Chrysler 200 Limited and the 2015 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Base models.

Note: When applying a rebate you should never start your negotiations from MSRP. To maximize your savings you should figure the dealer’s true new car cost and then subtract any available rebates. To learn more on how to figure dealer cost on any new car, read my section on the difference between new car factory invoice vs. true dealer cost.

Best New Car Customer Cash Back Deals for July 2015

VehicleMSRPStandard RebatesMaximum RebatesMax % Off MSRPExpiration
2015 Ford Taurus SE$27,930$3,000$5,75020.6%09/30/2015
2015 Chrysler 200 Limited$23,290$3,000$5,00019.1%08/03/2015
2015 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Base$26,825$4,000$5,00018.6%07/31/2015
2015 Nissan Leaf$19,860$0$5,00016.7%07/31/2015
2015 Ford F-250 4×2 XL SD Crew Cab$36,600$2,500$4,75013.0%09/30/2015
2015 Ford F-350 4×2 XL SD Crew Cab$37,500$2,500$4,75012.7%09/30/2015
2015 Mazda CX-9 Sport$30,865$4,000$4,50014.6%08/31/2015
2015 Chevrolet Malibu LS$23,290$3,000$4,50019.3%07/31/2015
2015 Dodge Journey SE$24,490$3,000$4,00016.3%08/31/2015
2015 BMW 640i Convt.$84,595$4,000$4,0004.7%07/31/2015
2015 BMW 650i$95,850$4,000$4,0004.2%07/31/2015
2015 BMW 640i$77,050$4,000$4,0005.2%07/31/2015
2015 Jeep Compass Sport$19,990$2,250$3,75018.8%08/03/2015
2015 Jeep Patriot Sport$17,890$2,000$3,50019.6%08/03/2015
2015 Jeep Cherokee Sport$24,090$2,500$3,50014.5%08/03/2015
2015 Chevrolet Cruze LS$19,695$2,000$3,50017.8%07/31/2015
2015 Ford F-150 XL 4×2 SD Crew Cab$33,740$2,000$3,50010.4%07/31/2015
2015 GMC Sierra 1500 Base 4×2 Crew Cab$36,585$3,000$3,5009.6%07/31/2015
2015 RAM 1500 SLT 4×2 Crew Cab$37,365$2,000$3,5009.4%08/03/2015
2015 FIAT 500c Pop$21,325$2,250$3,25015.2%08/03/2015
2015 FIAT 500 Pop$17,825$2,250$3,25018.2%08/03/2015
2015 Hyundai Veloster$18,825$2,500$3,00015.9%07/31/2015
2015 Ford Focus SE$19,835$1,500$3,00015.1%09/30/2015
2015 FIAT 500L Pop$20,325$2,000$3,00014.8%08/03/2015
2015 Dodge Grand Caravan SE$25,240$1,500$3,00011.9%08/03/2015
2015 Chevrolet Camaro LT$32,200$2,250$2,7508.5%07/31/2015
2015 Chevrolet Camaro LS w/1LS$24,700$2,250$2,75011.1%07/31/2015
2015 Mazda Mazda5 Sport$22,060$2,000$2,50011.3%08/31/2015
2015 Ford Transit Connect XLT$25,705$1,500$2,2508.8%09/30/2015
2015 Dodge Challenger SXT$27,990$1,000$2,0007.1%08/03/2015
2015 Chrysler Town & Country LX$30,990$1,500$2,0006.5%08/30/2015
2015 Toyota Prius v Two$27,500$1,500$1,5005.5%08/03/2015
2015 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8$27,645$1,000$1,5005.4%07/31/2015
2015 Ford Mustang V6$30,125$500$1,2504.1%07/31/2015
2015 Kia Forte Koup EX$19,415$1,000$1,0005.2%09/08/2015

Competition Between Dealers Always Gets You the Best Price

When negotiating a new car or truck’s price, it’s important to know the dealer invoice price and what other people are paying for the same vehicle in your local area. Otherwise, you won’t know what’s a good price to pay for the vehicle. I highly recommend using an online referral service such as Ryde Shopper and Motor Trend, their quotes will automatically include any discounts or cash-back incentives currently available.

In addition, the above sites will tell you which dealerships in your local area are currently the most flexible with their new car pricing. These sites provide valuable information for anyone thinking about buying or leasing a new car or truck.