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Best Selling New Pickup Trucks in June 2015

Truck sales are still booming in the United States, automakers sold just shy of 200,000 pickups in the month of June. An interesting fact is, for every ten new trucks sold, four of them were General Motors products.

The number one truck in America is still the Ford F-Series pickup. The reigning champion slipped in vehicle sales during June, selling only 55,171 trucks. This number is down -8.9 percent from June 2014’s sales of 60,560. Fords YTD total sales are also down from last year’s 365,825 (2014) vs. 357,180 (2015) for a loss of -2.4 percent. These losses are starting to become a trend for the F-Series pickup, is this the beginning of the long reigning champions fall from power? We’ll just have to sit back and see.

Full size pickups saw a 4.4 percent improvement in June with a total of 169,750 units. This allowed them to dominate 85 percent of the market. The small and midsize trucks were also up 29,493 units or 53 percent. Toyota had a great month with its Toyota Tacoma they controlled 54 percent of the small and midsized market with a 31.1 percent increase from June 2014 with 15,959 sales.

Chevrolet had a great month with its Chevrolet Silverado pickup. They easily overcame June 2014’s total truck sales figure of 43,519 with 51,548 for the June 2015. This is an increase of 18.4 percent and they only trail Ford’s F-Series by 3623 sales. Chevy is still outpacing last year’s total sales by approximately 35,000 sales (14.6%). The Chevrolet Colorado did not do well last month, with only 6558 truck sales, it had a five month low. On the other hand the GMC Canyon made up for some of the sales by achieving its second best month ever since its return in fall 2014.

The Ram P/U is holding strong in third place with 33,332 truck sales, a small increase of 0.6 percent increase from June 2014’s 33,149. Ram also had a slight increase in YTD sales of 212,716 for 2015 over 203,860 for 2014 (4.3% increase).

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Best Selling Pickup Trucks for June 2015

Rank Vehicle June 2015 June 2014 % Change YTD 2015 YTD 2014 % Change
1 Ford F-Series 55,171 60,560 -8.9% 357,180 365,825 -2.4%
2 Chevrolet Silverado 51,548 43,519 18.4% 275,822 240,679 14.6%
3 Ram P/U 33,332 33,149 0.6% 212,716 203,860 4.3%
4 GMC Sierra 18,618 15,406 20.8% 100,850 93,191 8.2%
5 Toyota Tacoma 15,959 12,173 31.1% 88,801 75,149 18.2%
6 Toyota Tundra 9926 8977 10.6% 61,014 57,987 5.2%
7 Chevrolet Colorado 6558 51 12.76 41,575 73 56.85%
8 Nissan Frontier 4437 5722 -22.5% 34,805 35,943 -3.2%
9 GMC Canyon 2532 3 84,300% 15,017 5 300,240%
10 Nissan Titan 1155 976 18.3% 6049 6416 -5.7%
11 Honda Ridgeline 7 1309 -99.5% 503 7906 -93.6%
12 Chevrolet Avalanche 0 10 -100% 1 82 -98.8%
13 Cadillac Escalade EXT 0 2 -100% 2 49 -95.9%

Source: Automakers

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