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10 New Cars You Probably Don’t Want to Buy in 2015

Automakers are very good at making up all kinds of excuses of why they’re cancelling production of a vehicle. A couple common excuses are, “It too closely resembles a similar vehicle in the line up” or “it was a one-and-only model, purposely only produced for a few years.”

What it really comes down to is the vehicle’s sales record. If the car isn’t selling, it’s time to stop production and go back to the drawing board.

Manufacture’s will not be too vocal about a car being discontinued, They don’t want car buyers to avoid purchasing the vehicle in fear of not being able to get parts if it breaks down years after being taken out of the lineup. Some discontinued vehicles can rot on a dealer’s lot for months, or even years before it’s sold.

Manufacture’s will add large rebates, cash-back discounts, and finance incentives on vehicles about to be discontinued. This helps dealers per sway car buyers in considering one of these vehicles for purchase.

Finding parts for a vehicle five years or more after it’s been discontinued is not as hard as it used to be. Automakers have done a great job keeping parts in stock for many years after a vehicle has been taken out of the line-up, normally ten years or more.

When buying a discontinued car becomes an issue is when you go to trade it in or sell it years after the manufacturer cancelled the vehicle. Most dealers will assess the vehicle as “non-desirable” and value it accordingly. They know, depending on how long the car has been discontinued, it will be hard to find anyone that will pay very much for the vehicle…If anyone will buy the vehicle at all.

Bottom line: You can get a very good deal on a vehicle that’s about to be cut from the line. The longer the vehicle sits on a dealer’s lot, the more desperate they’ll be to sell the vehicle. If you’re wanting to buy a car and keep it until the wheels fall off, there is nothing wrong with buying a discontinued vehicle. If you plan on keeping it for just a few years and trading it back in, I’d personally avoid the future financial heartache of buying one of these vehicles.

Say goodbye to the 10 vehicles being discontinued after the 2015 model year below:

10 Cars Being Discontinued After the 2015 Model Year

Rank Make & Model
1 Volkswagen Touareg
2 Smart ForTwo
3 Land Rover LR2
4 Lincoln MKT
5 Toyota Land Cruiser
6 Honda Crosstour
7 Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet
8 Volkswagen Eos
9 Nissan Cube
10 Acura TSX

Source: Automakers

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