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Top 20 Best Selling New Cars for April 2015

There’s not much changed with the top five vehicles on the top best selling new car list for April 2015. The changes are towards the bottom of the list with a manufacturer that’s decided break onto the list, not once, but twice in April.

Full size truck sales are still dominating the market place with a combined total of 146,726 sales from Detroit’s big three automakers…Again proving, Americans do love their pickup trucks.

The Ford F-150 with 62,827 sales is still number one on the list and holding a commanding lead. Chevrolet and the Silverado is holding onto second place again this month with 45,978 sales. The Dodge Ram 1500 – 3500 has third place locked in with a total of 37,921.

Toyota holds onto fourth and fifth place with the Toyota Camry and Corolla. The Honda CR-V jumps from ninth place in March to sixth place in April, beating the Chevrolet Equinox by only 596 units for a total of 29,452 vehicles sold.

The big news is towards the bottom of the list. Not on the list in March, Jeep decided to make an appearance not once, but twice. The Jeep Cherokee came in seventeenth place with 19,072 vehicles sold and the Jeep Wrangler with 18,849 sales, just beat out the Ford Explorer by five units.

The GMC Sierra pickup and the Nissan Sentra are the only two vehicles that completely fell off the top 20 list in the month of April 2015. Check out the list below to see what other vehicles made the list.

Top 20 Best Selling New Cars for April 2015

Vehicle April 2015 Rank March 2015 Rank April Sales
Ford F-150 1 1 62,827
Chevrolet Silverado 2 2 45,978
Ram 1500 – 3500 3 3 37,921
Toyota Camry 4 4 34,066
Toyota Corolla 5 5 31,990
Honda CR-V 6 9 29,452
Chevrolet Equinox 7 15 28,856
Honda Civic 8 11 28,380
Honda Accord 9 13 27,251
Ford Escape 10 12 25,770
Ford Fusion 11 7 24,954
Toyota Rav4 12 14 22,914
Nissan Altima 13 6 22,108
Hyundai Elantra 14 8 21,911
Nissan Rogue 15 10 21,767
Chevrolet Cruze 16 16 20,947
Jeep Cherokee 17 N/A 19,072
Chrysler 200 18 20 18,850
Jeep Wrangler 19 N/A 18,849
Ford Explorer 20 17 18,844

Source: automakers

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