The deal is done buying a new car.

10 New Cars You Can Get a Great Deal in 2015

Most car buyers just walk into a car dealership, test drive a couple vehicles and buy the one they like. While this is okay for those types of people who are just looking for transportation, to someone that is looking for the best deal, it’s the worst way to buy a car.

The number one tip to save money when buying a new car is to do your research and homework first. It’s alright to take a test drive to see what certain cars drive like and actually encouraged to do so. You don’t want to be stuck driving a vehicle for a few years that you dislike.

One insider secret that most people and even some of the “professional car buyers” are not aware of is “old age inventory.” Car dealers do not like when new cars get old on their lot, it starts to get very expensive with all the fees they must pay. If the vehicle sits around too long, they will start having to write the vehicle down.

There’s nothing wrong with these vehicles and some are more reliable than the cars they can’t keep in stock. Sometimes vehicles get old because car salesmen ignore them and just walk around them, never presenting them to a buyer. There’s also times when a vehicle is just not the right color or not the most popular vehicle in its class and goes unnoticed, before you know it, BAM, it’s a hundred plus days old.

24/7Wallst did some research and found the best 10 new cars that dealers are desperately wanting to move off their lots. What this means to you is a dealer may be more willing to discount the vehicle more aggressively for you to get it out of their inventory.

If you’re in the market for a new car and you’re looking for more than a great deal. Check out the list below and see if you’d be interested in owning any of these vehicles.

10 New Cars You Can Get a Great Deal on Today

Vehicle Days in Inventory 2014 Unit Sales MSRP
Cadillac ATS 138.1 29,890 $33,215
Kia Cadenza 138.8 9,267 $35,100
Volvo XC90 139.5 3,952 $48,900
FIAT 500L 140.1 12,413 $19,195
Cadillac XTS 144.6 24,335 $44,660
Buick Verano 144.7 43,743 $23,380
Infiniti Q60 158.3 7,740 $40,950
Cadillac ELR 158.6 1,310 $75,000
Nissan GTR 169.9 1,436 $101,770
Honda Insight 170.7 3,965 $18,725

If you’re considering the purchase of a new vehicle, I recommend using a free online referral service such as Ryde Shopper and Motor Trend to guarantee you pay the lowest price. These services will tell you what others are paying for the vehicle you’re considering in your local area and which dealers give the greatest discounts.