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Top 20 New Cars Sold in March 2015

The automakers have posted their sales figures for March 2015 and although they’re slightly down from where they hoped to be, the numbers are still pretty decent.

Despite a 2.7% decrease from the same month last year, Toyota leads the pack for the second consecutive month as the number one vehicle sold in America with 48,800 vehicle sold in March 2015

For the second consecutive month, Toyota leads the pack in March 2015. Despite a 2.7% decrease from the same month last year, the Toyota Camry is the number one vehicle sold in America with 40,800 vehicles sold.

Second place also belongs to Toyota with the Toyota Corolla’s sales of 35,532, an increase of almost 20% over March 2014. Nissan was the closest competitor to Toyota. The Nissan Altima took third place with 31,993 vehicles sold with a -10.9% loss from March last year.

Hyundai is not the car it used to be and American’s the numbers don’t lie. The Hyundai Elantra, ranked fifth, beating the Honda Civic and Accord, with 28,794 sold and has an overall increase over March 2014 of an incredible 33.8%. Congratulations Hyundai, well deserved.

Even though they only ranked at number 18 on the list, Ford had a great month with the 2015 Ford Mustang. With sales for March at 12,663, it’s the best sales month since 2007 and it’s a record sales month for any muscle car in the past four years. To add salt in the wound, the Mustang even outsold the Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Camaro in March.

Top 20 New Cars Sold in America in March 2015

RankYear Make ModelMarch 2015March 2014% Change
12015 Toyota Camry40,80041,953-2.7%
22015 Toyota Corolla35,53229,68519.7%
32015 Nissan Altima31,99335,921-10.9%
42015 Ford Fusion29,04432,963-11.9%
52015 Hyundai Elantra28,79421,51833.8%
62015 Honda Civic26,09527,697-2.6%
72015 Honda Accord26,01833,962-23.4%
82015 Chevrolet Cruze23,59326,521-11.0%
92015 Nissan Sentra21,27719,32310.1%
102015 Ford Focus20,49723,974-14.5%
112015 Chrysler 20019,1907531155%
122015 Hyundai Sonata18,34019,248-4.7%
132015 Chevrolet Malibu16,55218,866-12.3%
142015 Kia Optima15,48516,310-5.1%
152015 BMW 3&4 Series14,83510,12046.6%
162015 Nissan Versa14,54315,799-7.9%
172015 Kia Soul12,73113,992-9.0%
182015 Ford Mustang12,663930536.1%
192015 Subaru Outback12,50411,7296.6%
202015 Volkswagen Jetta11,58315,692-26.2%

Source: Automakers

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