Vehicle infotainment center.

Top 10 Most Annoying New Car Features in 2015

Touch screens, back-up cameras and Bluetooth are all the rage in today’s modern vehicles. But some of these creature comforts can really make you miserable if they tend not to work the way they were intended too.

Many consumers opt for additional options that sound great but soon find out they’re neither practical or even necessary. After driving the vehicle for a while, you may get seriously frustrated with certain features and with some you’d least expect. Someone who has never interacted with some of these “bells and whistles” may not be aware of how frustrating and annoying the can really be.

The experts at decided to take a look at the most sought after features car buyers want included when buying a new car. Every year they get to test, review and report on all the latest and greatest vehicles. During this time they’re also exposed to the latest vehicle features. Over time, some little annoyances about these features have surfaced so they’ve decided to release the most frustrating ones on the chart below.

Top 10 Most Annoying New Car Features

  1. Giant Key Fobs – In a world where everything is getting smaller and thinner, why are key fobs getting bigger and bulkier in your pocket?
  2. Square Cup Holders – There are a few square bottles out there, but they’re still far and few between. Vehicle manufacturers should stay with the round cup holder for the foreseeable future.
  3. Stereo Tuning Buttons Instead of Traditional Knobs – Tuning buttons on a radio can be very frustrating when one push gets you from 97.3 to 97.4. There’s just no easier or quicker way to tune a radio than a knob.
  4. Lock Out Navigation Systems – Driver distraction is a serious safety issue and it’s understandable to deactivate use of a navigation system while the vehicle is moving, but what about your passenger that needs to make corrections or look something up?
  5. Small Side Mirrors – They’re getting smaller, aerodynamic and dangerous. Please automakers, keep them at least the standard size so we don’t have to rely on the over-the-shoulder.
  6. Touch Sensitive Controls – Without the sense of feel or an actual button to press, this makes changing the temperature or radio station awkward and dangerous because you have to locate the control by taking your eyes off the road.
  7. Auto Start-Stop – It’s all about fuel efficiency and no one can complain about that. When this technology is not executed correctly, it can lead to a very poor driving experience. Especially when wanting to accelerate quickly from a stop or from a light.
  8. Car Alarms – They serve a purpose, but overtime most people just tune them out assuming the vehicle’s alarm is malfunctioning or it is a false alarm. This vehicle accessory is due for an update.
  9. Touch Screen Dependent Controls – Touch screens are all the rage in vehicles today. But when you’re required to control simple things like air conditioning or the radio, it can overcomplicate things. Like touch sensitive controls, those that turn a simple task into a multistep process can be quite annoying.
  10. Voice Controlled Systems – This concept is the way of the future, however these systems are proven unable of understanding what you’re saying. This makes the experience frustrating and not worthwhile. Fingers crossed, in a few more years voice recognition technology should be better.

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