America's Top 10 Hottest-Selling Pickups for April 2016

Hottest-selling new pickup trucks for April 2016
The GMC Sierra, F-Series Truck, and Ram P/U are a few of the hottest-selling pickups for April 2016.

New pickup truck sales grew 12 percent last month, Americans bought well over 230,000 new pickup trucks in the month of April 2016.

These types of sales figures do nothing but great things for the future of the retail auto sales industry as a whole.

The new Ford F-Series pickup is still America's number one hottest-selling pickup. For the second month in a row, American's bought over seventy thousand Ford pickups with 70,774 purchased in April 2016. This is a 12.6 percent increase in sales over April 2016 and the F-Series pickup is ahead of 2015's year-to-date (YTD) sales number of 240,139 by 7 percent for a total of 256,895 trucks sold in 2016.

Just over 20k units behind first place, the Chevrolet Silverado came in at second with 49,990 pickups sold. The Silverado also experienced a nice little increase of 8.7 percent over same year last month and an increase of 3.6% over 2015's YTD sales number.

Third place for the month of April 2016 belongs to the Ram P/U. American's purchased 41,079 Rams, an increase of 8.3 percent from April 2015's total sales of 37,921. Ram P/U is also currently experiencing some huge growth with their YTD sales numbers of 154,446, this is an impressive increase of 10.8 percent over last year's sales number of 139,432.

The only brand with a pickup to show a monthly, and YTD loss in April was Toyota with the Toyota Tundra. The Tundra showed a loss of -4.0 percent from same month last year and a -9.2 percent loss from 2016 to 2015's YTD sales numbers.

Check below to see where all the pickups ranked on America's Top 10 Hottest-Selling Pickup Trucks below.

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America's Top 10 Hottest-Selling New Pickup Trucks for April 2016

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Rank Hottest-Selling Truck April 2016 April 2015 % Change 2016 YTD 2015 YTD % Change
#1 Ford F-Series 70,774 62,827 12.6% 256,895 240,139 7.0%
2 Chevrolet Silverado 49,990 45,978 8.7% 178,955 172,672 3.6%
3 Ram P/U 41,079 37,921 8.3% 154,446 139,432 10.8%
4 GMC Sierra 20,531 18,082 13.5% 71,662 63,255 13.3%
5 Toyota Tacoma 18,106 15,656 15.6% 62,682 55,322 13.3%
6 Chevrolet Colorado 10,362 7,010 47.8% 32,982 26,136 26.2%
7 Toyota Tundra 10,259 10,681 -4.0% 35,794 39,438 -9.2%
8 Nissan Frontier 7,509 5,827 28.9% 28,904 24,929 15.9%
9 GMC Canyon 3,026 2,432 24.4% 10,603 9,584 10.6%
10 Nissan Titan 1,010 1,038 -2.7% 4,281 3,676 16.5%