Top 15 Most American Made SUVs & Crossovers - 2015

For the new car shopper wanting to buy only an American made crossover or SUV, it can be difficult to tell just by looking at the brand of the vehicle.

Typically known by Americans as a Japanese brand, Honda has two vehicles showing up on the top 15 most American made SUVs and crossovers list and it's luxury line, Acura, has one also.

To help car buyers doing their research we've made a list of the most American made SUVs and crossovers to take the guess work out of it for you.

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What's Considered an American Made SUV or Crossover

If you want to quickly tell where the final destination of a vehicles assembly, you can look at the first digit of the VIN (vehicle identification number). If the number is a 1, 2, 4, or 5, the car was assembled in the United States. Vehicle identification numbers provide a wealth of information about a vehicle, to learn more how to decode a Vehicle ID number and where you can find it on a vehicle , read my article All About VIN Numbers here.

Harris Interactive recently ran a survey to ask new car shoppers how important it is to "buy an American made vehicle"? Over 2,000 responded to the survey, seventy percent of those people said it was important or very important to purchase an American made vehicle. They also asked car buyers how they consider a vehicle to be an American made?

Why people buy American made automobiles:

So how do you know if a vehicle is "American Made?" Our friends over at TrueCar has done the research, compiling a list of the top 15 SUVs and crossovers with the highest percentage of United States and Canadian content. They ranked the vehicles based on what the carmakers have reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) under the American Automobile Labeling Act (AALA).

For auto manufacturers to comply with the AALA guidelines, a new car's window sticker must have a section that shows the following information:

Other information included in the chart below is the score from the Kogod Made in America Auto Index. The Kogod index is scored on a 100 point scale system. They look at not only where a particular model's research and development took place but also such factors as parts and assembly information, where a carmaker made capital investments and where the profits from the vehicle end up.

In the chart below you will also find the source of the new car's engine, transmission and the country in which the vehicle was assembled. Keep in mind, some automakers do not split specific models in their reporting, depending on the vehicle's configuration, the source of the engine and transmission may vary.

If you're considering an American made SUV or crossover, check out the list below before making your final decision.

Top 15 Most American Made New SUVs & Crossovers for 2015

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Rank Vehicle Percent of U.S./Canadian Content Final Assembly Country Engine Source Transmission Source 2015 Kogod Made in America Auto Index Score
1 (tie) 2015 Buick Enclave 75% U.S. U.S. U.S. 87.5
1 (tie) 2015 Chevrolet Traverse 75% U.S. U.S. U.S. 87.5
1 (tie) 2015 GMC Traverse 75% U.S. U.S. U.S. 87.5
2 2015 Jeep Cherokee 71% U.S. U.S. U.S. 79.5
3 (tie) 2015 Acura RDX 70% U.S. U.S. U.S. 76
3 (tie) 2015 Honda CR-V 70% U.S. U.S. U.S. 76
3 (tie) 2015 Honda Pilot 70% U.S. U.S. U.S. 76
3 (tie) 2015 Jeep Wrangler 70% U.S. U.S., Italy (diesel) U.S., Germany 79
4 (tie) 2015 Ford Edge 65% Canada U.S. U.S. 68
4 (tie) 2015 Ford Expedition 65% U.S. U.S. U.S. 82.5
4 (tie) 2015 Chevrolet Equinox 65% U.S., Canada U.S., Canada U.S., Mexico, Canada 82.5
4 (tie) 2015 GMC Terrain 65% Canada Canada, U.S. Canada, U.S., Mexico 65.5
4 (tie) 2015 Jeep Compass 65% U.S. U.S. U.S., Japan, South Korea, Mexico 76.5
4 (tie) 2015 Jeep Patriot 65% U.S. U.S. U.S., Japan, South Korea, Mexico 76.5
4 (tie) 2015 Lincoln MKC 65% U.S. Spain U.S. 68.5

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