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This section provides you with access to's trusted online automotive resources. We've reviewed and researched each one of these companies and services. We stand behind and believe the companies below are all viable assets to helping you save money during the car buying process.

My credibility and your trust online mean everything to me. I will not refer you to a service or product I have not used personally, do not believe in, or didn't think would save you money during the car buying process.

Online New & Used Car Price Quote Resources

Cars you can get a free price quote from our trusted online resources |

The automotive research and review websites we recommend provide you with the latest in automotive pricing, research, comparison shopping, and reviews.

Free automotive price quote resources:

Trusted online services that will buy your car:

These automotive research sites provide you with a wealth of information when researching new or used vehicles online. These companies will also provide you with free, no-obligation price quotes from their huge dealer partners across the Nation.

Web sites such as Car Clearance Deals, Edmunds, Motor Trend and Cars Direct are all very valuable tools you have available to you when it comes to getting the lowest price on your next new car, truck, minivan, or SUV.

Read more about the best online car buying websites, how they work and how to use them to guarantee you pay the best price for your next new or used car.

Auto Finance Online Resources

cars ready to be financed online |

Some car buyers are under the misconception that they must finance a new or used car from the car dealer they're buying their vehicle from.

This is not true, there are several alternatives to dealership financing. You can apply with your personal bank, credit union, or you can apply with online lenders.

Auto finance resources:

Other auto finance related resources:

Acquiring a pre-approved car loan before contacting a dealership puts you at a huge advantage. By knowing what you already qualify for, you can use your pre-arranged auto loan as leverage with a car dealer to negotiate an even better deal for yourself. If the dealer can't beat your current finance terms, you already have your financing arranged.

Several online auto finance companies will allow you to submit your information and provide you with all the information you need to figure what amount of money you qualify for, and what your interest rate will be.

Visit my online auto finance guide to read about how dealers make money financing new and used cars.

Extended Auto Warranty Online Resources

trusted online extended auto warranty resources when buying a car |

Buying an extended warranty for your new or used car is an excellent investment and will provide you with peace of mind in case of a future mechanical breakdown. Hopefully you will never have to use it, but one major repair on your vehicle could pay for the cost of the warranty, and then some.

Extended warranty resources:

The online extended warranty companies we recommend give you an alternative to purchasing an extended warranty from a dealership. They provide a wealth of information on all aspects of how warranties work, what they cover, and how to file claims.

Our extended warranty resources will provide you with new and used car warranties up to 60% off what a dealer charges, and allow you to receive free extended warranty price quotes.

Visit my extended auto warranty buyer's guide to learn how to select, negotiate and buy an extended warranty at the best possible price.

Online Car Insurance Resources

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Explore our car insurance free rate quote companies to bring you the most competitive and reliable insurance coverage on the Internet.

Auto insurance resources:

The problem with purchasing auto insurance is that it's very easy to end up paying more than you should, particularly if you bought a policy without comparing it with other insurance providers. only recommends reputable car insurance companies that provide our readers with the best savings, provide free no-obligation rate quotes, has excellent standings with Moody's, A.M. Best, Standard & Poor's, the Better Business Bureau, and provide outstanding customer service.

Always use reputable online companies such as Esurance and Liberty Mutual to seek out the best auto insurance coverage at the best prices, or use an online company like esurance to do the shopping for you.

Insurance should not be an afterthought. Read my section on how to get free car insurance quotes online before buying your next new or used vehicle.

How to Get the Best Price

Have local car dealers compete for your business. Start an online bidding war between dealers from the comfort of your computer.

Get local dealers to compete for your business by requesting free, no-obligation price quotes from the following online companies.

Best Car Pricing
Car Clearance Deals
Motor Trend
Cars Direct

Competition between dealers is the best way to ensure you get the best price. You win when dealers compete!

Did You Know?

Several factors affect a dealer's new car cost. Some of these include:

  • Dealer Holdback
  • Factory to Dealer Incentives
  • Customer Rebates
  • Special Programs
  • Cash Back

All of these should be taken into consideration when figuring a dealer's true new car cost to make sure you pay the cheapest price possible for your next new car.

What's Your Trade Worth?
See how much your trade in is worth

As the old saying goes, "knowledge is power." This certainly applies to knowing how much your vehicle is worth to a dealer.

Find your vehicle's trade-in value here.

Get your vehicle's real trade-in value.