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I receive a lot of email and do my very best to answer everyone to the best of my ability. Here you will find some of the most common questions sent in by readers.

What is the Auto Cheat Sheet? is your personal car buying guide for everything you ever wanted to know about the new and used car buying process. Car shopping should be fun and exciting and most people relate it to a trip to the dentist. guides you through every step of the car shopping process from how to select your next vehicle to comparison shopping online to guarantee you pay the lowest price on your next new or used car.

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The car buying advice you will find here has helped many readers save thousands of dollars while navigating through the vehicle buying process. Car dealer's across the Nation have perfected the way they sell cars. Each car sale to them is another opportunity to make money on uneducated car buyers. The car buying secrets I share with you will keep you from becoming another victim.

Keep in mind a car salesperson is someone that looks like a neighbor or even one of your closest friends. The difference a car salesperson is there to make a living off of you. How much they make depends on your skill and knowledge when you walk through the front door of a dealership. This person will look you in the eye and tell you what you want to hear, just to sell a car. Bottom line, all of the old sayings about not trusting a salesperson are true.

How do I know? Experience, I've been a car salesman for over 18 years. It doesn't make a difference if you're the owner of the dealership or the greeter at the door, we are all car salesmen. I'm not saying that every car salesperson is crooked, but you never know whom you are dealing with when walking through a car dealership's doors.

Over 90% of the entire car buying process can be done online right from your computer. will level the playing field with the car dealerships and keep the salesperson you end up dealing with honest by arming yourself with the information they don't want you to have.

Why was the Auto Cheat Sheet Created? was created to help people have a fighting chance to get a fair deal when purchasing a new or used car.

I've seen many books on "how to buy a car" out there that sell for as much as $99. They promise to tell you the two words that make us dealers shake in our boots. I can't help but laugh; the two words are "FLEET Manager".

If you feel compelled, you can send me my $99 now, small bills please. If you called my dealership, or many like it, and ask to speak with the FLEET Manager. You would be transferred to a sales manager immediately as we have no FLEET manager. He would then do and say whatever possible to get you to come to the dealership. Consider yourself warned.

If you don't know what FLEET manager stands for let me tell you:

Full List Each and Every Time!

This is why I've created Auto Cheat Sheet will teach you step by step:

  • How to get the lowest possible price on a new or used car.
  • Where to acquire your credit reports and scores.
  • How to locate and get low APR car loans online.
  • How to get extended warranties up to half the cost.
  • Where to find low cost insurance rates and discounts.
  • How to research and review a used car's history report.
  • And much, much more...

There is endless information included within Auto Cheat Sheet. I will show you how to do all of the above and much more without ever having to do any of the haggling or hassling that comes with the car buying process.

The feedback I've received from hundreds of car buyers like yourself allows me to make the following statement:

My promise to you - Using my car buying guide will save you hundreds if not THOUSANDS of dollars and precious time buying your next new or used car.

My credibility and your trust online mean everything to me. I would not personally refer you to something on my website that I have not used, did not believe in, or didn't think it would save you money during the car buying process.

After using the Auto Cheat Sheet, contact us and tell the world your Car Buying Success Story.

Why Expose Car Salesmen and Dealers When You Were One Yourself?

I loved the new and used car business and I still do. Any car dealer or staff that reads will see that I'm not bashing the industry. I'm not showing people how to walk into a car dealer, steal a car and be a jerk about it.

Red car that is different than other cars |

What I'm doing is showing you how to buy a car and allow the car dealer to make a fair profit. The tips that I present here on the Auto Cheat Sheet, any car dealer in the world will still sell you a car and they'd be happy to do it.

Believe me there are still hundreds of thousands of car buyers that walk into car dealerships across the nation and unknowingly hand over all their money to car dealers.

I have many friends and contacts in the car business and I get many emails from car dealers and staff from around the nation that have read through my car buying guide, and have praised me for teaching the public on how to buy a car.

Fact is, many people still walk into a car dealership and try to buy cars like their dad's dad did 30 years ago. It's frustrating for car dealers and salespeople to deal with these customers that don't have a clue the correct way to buy cars.

Why Did You Leave the Car Business If You Loved it so Much?

I get hate mail from people in the car business all the time. These are the car salesman, you as a car buyer have to watch out for. They say the reason I made this site was because I was not a good salesman or failed in the industry, it's comical at the least.

Funny thing is these people are at work surfing the computer and writing me an email instead of trying to be proactive for their dealership and SELL A CAR! Yeah, that's right I know who you are. Selling about 8 cars a month blaming your lack of sells on everyone except yourself.

The car business falls under the retail sales category. With anything that falls into the retail category comes working a lot of hours. The car business has provided me with a great life. There are a lot of perks with the career, and you get to meet some very interesting people.

I decided to retire, sell my car dealerships and spend some time watching my children grow up. We all know that you cannot get that part of your life back.

Why Teach People How to Buy Cars?

I wrote a book back in 2002 titled, "Auto Cheat Sheet - The Insider's Guide to Car Buying." It was a short guide on the easiest, quickest way to buy a car and avoid car dealer scams.

Shaking hands while educating a man about buying cars

Shortly after writing the Auto Cheat Sheet, I launched a website to promote my car buying guide. However, I was in the middle of purchasing another dealership at the time and let the book fall to the side.

I never really gave the book a chance to take off, but the people that bought and used it to buy a car said it was a great negotiating tool.

I don't understand why people go through the entire car buying process uninformed and with blinders on.

Just about everyone in a car dealership that has something to do with selling a car gets paid on commission. A car dealer and their staff will try and make as much money as they can on every single car they sell. Don't blame the car dealer though; it's not their fault you're not taking the time to educate yourself on how to buy a car.

Car dealerships are "for profit" companies and in the business to make money. They'll sell one person a car and make $8,000.00+ profit on them and then turn around, the same day, and sell the exact same car to the next guy for only a couple hundred dollars profit. My question to you is? "Do you want to be the person that overpaid for your next car?"

I've recently retired from the car business and still have people asking for assistance on how to buy a new or used car. Needing something to occupy my mind, I decided to combine the two things I enjoy, the Internet and the car business. So the Auto Cheat Sheet was revived, now available for anyone and everyone to use for FREE!

Do You Receive Compensation for Recommending Companies on Your Site?

Yes, we do receive a small commission from the companies we recommend on the Auto Cheat Sheet, however we are not like other online car buying guides that provide little content and push you straight to their cash register. We only get paid if a reader decides to use one of the companies we recommend and 98% of the companies we recommend, their service is free to the user.

Before you think I'm doing it just for the money. Keep in mind I've spent countless hours to provide a wealth of information on the Auto Cheat Sheet for free that will help you greatly while going through the car buying process. I'm a car dealer, not a writer as you can tell by some of my grammar.

As I stated above earlier:

My credibility and your trust online, mean everything to me. I will not personally refer you to a service or a product I have not used, did not believe in, or didn't think it would save you money during the car buying process.

I only recommend companies that provide my readers value and benefit when looking to buy a car. There are hundreds of online companies related to the car buying process, after reviewing them and/or using them myself, if we did not like them or think they do not provide enough value, I will not recommend them to my readers.

I would like to thank you for visiting my website, and wish you well as you shop for your new or used vehicle. If there is something you feel I have not covered or simply just have a question about something, send me an email, I look forward to hearing from you.

How to Get the Best Price

Have local car dealers compete for your business. Start an online bidding war between dealers from the comfort of your computer.

Get local dealers to compete for your business by requesting free, no-obligation price quotes from the following online companies.

Best Car Pricing
Car Clearance Deals
Motor Trend
Cars Direct

Competition between dealers is the best way to ensure you get the best price. You win when dealers compete!

Did You Know?

Several factors affect a dealer's new car cost. Some of these include:

  • Dealer Holdback
  • Factory to Dealer Incentives
  • Customer Rebates
  • Special Programs
  • Cash Back

All of these should be taken into consideration when figuring a dealer's true new car cost to make sure you pay the cheapest price possible for your next new car.

What's Your Trade Worth?
See how much your trade in is worth

As the old saying goes, "knowledge is power." This certainly applies to knowing how much your vehicle is worth to a dealer.

Find your vehicle's trade-in value here.

Get your vehicle's real trade-in value.