Car Salesman Slang, Lingo, Terms, and Definitions

Here you will find the largest list of car dealer slang, lingo, terms, and definitions on the Internet. There is a special language in car dealerships across the Nation. Familiarize yourself with it by browsing through the content below.

Car Sales Slang, Lingo, Terms, and Definitions

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Easily the largest compiled list of car salesman slang, lingo, sayings and terms are within this section. Car salesman are the ones that invented this secret coded language.

There are many slang terms car salesman use to describe each other and certain day to day activities. You're almost guaranteed to hear at least one of the following terms while you're visiting a car dealership.

The slang car salesman use are the most common terms that you will most likely to hear while at the dealership. Car salesman have a slang term for just about everything associated with a car dealership. Be careful, they may be talking about you.

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Car Dealership Advertising Terms and Definitions

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Car dealers are very talented in the way they market their products. They've had years of practice and pay millions of dollars on advertising to drive traffic to their dealerships.

Car dealer advertising slang and terms are some of the most complicated if you're not familiar with them. You will most likely find them in the fine print on a dealer's print ad.

Car salesman have different names for when a car dealer has special sales events also. Inside this section I've given you the definitions of the most common car sales advertising slang and terms.

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